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The Four P’s are a No Brainer, but Don’t Underestimate the Importance of the Four M’s, by Terry Healey, September 1, 2009 The Four P\’s are a No Brainer, but Don\’t Underestimate the Importance of the Four M\’s

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June 2017

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October 10, 2002 – The Oakland Tribune – “Healing the real scars: Disfigured by cancer, Alamo resident becomes motivational speaker” – Jennifer Baldwin

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“An engrossing book. This autobiographical account of his illness will hold your interest from page one to the end.”

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Oncology Nursing Forum – January/February 2002
“This autobiographical book tells the story of a 20-year-old young man with a rare disfiguring fibrosarcoma that required numerous surgeries that forever changed the appearance of his face. The author explains not only how he overcame his cancer but also how he changed his own perception of acceptance and identity. This moving account of the author’s struggles and eventual triumph can provide a lesson for all of us.”

December 13, 2001 – Contra Costa Times – Facing Life With Courage, Confidence – Alan Lopez

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Diablo Magazine – December 3, 2001. See Print Version page 38

Title: At Face Value
Author: Terry Healey
Classification: Memoir/Health
Publication Date: July, 2001
Price: Hardback: $31.99 Soft Cover: $21.99
Illustrations: Yes
Approximate Length: 268 pages
Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
ISBN: Hardback: 0-7388-6657-1
ISBN: Soft Cover: 0-7388-6658-X
Publicity Contact: Terry Healey: phone 925-932-3648 email terry


Cancer survivor tells the compassionate, heartbreaking and inspirational story of his struggle with disfigurement

In At Face Value Terry Healey, survivor of a rare form of cancer, tells his triumphant story of overcoming the challenge of living with a disfigurement.

At twenty, Terry Healey was like many other college students – experiencing life on his own, juggling studies with sports, girlfriends and parties – until he discovered a lump behind his right nostril that changed his life forever. Terry was now forced to confront the world scarred and disfigured. AT FACE VALUE (July 2001) takes readers through his harrowing ordeal and the spiritual transformation that allows him to emerge from the darkness of his illness and insecurity into a richer, more meaningful life.

It is his positive attitude and the love and support of his family and friends that enables him to fight a rare disease and psychological battle that teaches him the true value of life.

In this materialistic society that places so much emphasis on appearance, At Face Value refreshingly shows us that what is really important – love, faith and trust – can only be found by letting go of bitterness and anger about events over which we have little or no control. Ultimately it is Terry’s spirituality and belief in “mind over matter” that helps him to remain upbeat and eventually recover. As an advocate of holistic healing, Terry subscribes to meditation and visualization. During his transformation from illness to wellness, he continually demonstrates to us the powerful role that a positive mental attitude contributes to healing.

When Terry is diagnosed with a fibrosarcoma and the reality of his illness sets in, the reader follows him through an emotional roller coaster. When faced with the life threatening diagnosis of cancer, he conveys in honest and simple language the fears and frustrations he experienced as a cancer patient.

After losing half of his nose, part of his palate, several teeth and undergoing multiple skin grafts, Terry describes himself as looking like the Elephant Man. He learns to confront the shocked expressions and curious stares of strangers every day and yet we see him persevere because of his optimism and belief that some day he will return to the “old Terry” – at first in appearance but finally only in spirit.

As a man who has taken his good looks for granted, Terry is faced with the reality of being judged solely by his physical appearance. He is forced to see the weakness in others but rises above the situation and learns the value of forgiveness and acceptance. With all that he has been through, Terry does not let anger get the best of him. Through this journey, Terry learns that it is not his disfigurement which was disabling him from living life fully, but instead his own perception of acceptance and identity. Ultimately, it is not our physical traits, but how we view ourselves that determines our presentation to the outside world.

At Face Value is a lesson for all of us on surviving the most adverse of situations and finding the positive in even the most painful moments. Most of us will never have to live with the horror that the author has lived with, but we can all learn from his insights into the way that people react to one another and treat each other under extreme circumstances. And most of all, we can all learn from the fact that who Terry is on the inside has not changed despite the alteration in his physical appearance.

About the Author:
Terry Healey is a cancer survivor who endured over thirty surgical procedures in an effort to reconstruct his face, which was disfigured by a fibrosarcoma. Since his treatment for cancer and subsequent reconstruction, he has served as a volunteer and board member for The Wellness Community, a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing support services for cancer victims and their families. A general partner in a high technology marketing and business development consulting firm, Mr. Healey has also been published in The San Francisco Chronicle and Coping Magazine, a monthly publication that helps people confront the challenges of living with cancer, and he was the subject of a feature in the Contra Costa Times. Terry lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.